Let us look at the questions I have compiled to help you determine if you have ROCD Type 3, that is relationship focused ROCD. If you are indeed diagnosed with ROCD by a mental health professional, here are some questions you can answer for yourself to determine if you have ROCD – Type 3. There are subtle differences and some overlaps between the three types of ROCD. You should answer the following questions to estimate the presence of ROCD Type 3.

  1. Do you doubt your relationship and think that you could be happier with someone else even though there is nothing wrong with your partner?
  2. Do you constantly worry about the correctness of committing to your partner despite everything going well?
  3. Do you think you may be making a mistake by continuing to be in a relationship with your partner?
  4. Do you keep feeling sometimes that the relationship may not be sufficient?
  5. Do you seek reassurance from your friends about the correctness of your relationship, and you have made the ‘right’ choice in your partner?
  6. Do you avoid watching romantic movies or TV shows that bring up unwanted thoughts and anxiety related to your relationships?
  7. Do you persistently look for answers on the internet and online forums?
  8. Do you shy away from dating because you don’t know what you want from the relationship?
  9. Do you compare your relationship to a previous fun and exciting (often unhealthy) relationship to figure out if you feel the same way about your current partner?
  10. Do you find that sexual activity is a chore and a generally unpleasant and anxiety-filled event?

If your answer to most of these questions is yes and the responses to these questions are causing anxiety or fear with an urgent need to do something to change the situation, but yet not wanting to, you may have ROCD Type 3. These are not the only signs and there could be various others. But these signs are still a rough indicator of how ROCD can be detected. These questions have been included in Worksheet 5. Take a look at them to discover signs of ROCD Type 3 

in your relationship. 

This completes the first section. In the next section, we shall look at the factors that affect recovery in ROCD.


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