The stumbling blocks are not always in the path. Sometimes they are in the mind.

Corporate Workshops

Happy employees are productive employees. But often, the feeling of being overworked and underappreciated can be overwhelming, leading to loss of productivity. Organisations lose their best resources, due to avoidable factors, if detected early enough.

Through Wisdom@Work workshops, I will unshackle your teams’ minds, make them believe that they can achieve anything, and be far more productive than ever.


Note to the CEO

Dear Sir,


“Sometimes the biggest gain in productive energy will come from cleaning the cobwebs, dealing with old business, and clearing the desks—cutting loose debris that’s impeding forward motion.” – David Allen

This quote is so simple, yet so powerful. I am certain this is what you believe in yourself and am also certain that this is the culture you want percolated down to your team. But I also know that it is not always possible to get that done. There are employees, and there are employees. Some of them despite their best efforts may just not be able to live up to their true potential. You as a leader can see that they have what it takes to deliver but for some reason, they haven’t been able to measure up. To your expectations, to the organization’s expectations, to their peers’ expectations. And this can have a spiraling effect on their morale. They may not be able to understand it themselves why they are stuck where they are, and are unable to move further either with the carrot or with the stick.

Maybe it is the frustration of not being able to do justice to their previous KPI’s and the regret of not having managed to get a decent appraisal.  Maybe it is the stress of not having enough visibility to achieve the current target that is bringing them down. Or maybe it is something else altogether. Maybe it is nothing that you can put your finger to at all. But sometimes this frustration leads to the best employees looking to move on, and at other times, some of them may need to be let go. Whatever it may be, it has an impact that is not healthy for the organization, and understandably, it isn’t palatable to you.

Fortunately for them, organizations like yours are ready to invest in helping their employees become better versions of themselves. Oddly enough, sometimes, all it requires is a small tweak to the thought process, to get them going again. While best efforts may be being made by your teams, it may yet prove to be a difficult thing to even identify, let alone combat. Which is why, sometimes an external entity that has no personal stake in either retaining an employee or letting him go, can be of great help. Particularly, when this entity has corporate experience and understands the nuances of the business, so as to not let the core objectives be diluted, plus training and experience in identifying limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of the desired results.

Because I understand these issues all too well, having been a corporate executive for over 20 years, apart from being a therapist and counselor, I endeavour to provide one such platform where all issues can be identified and handled with sensitivity and empathy. Where I am able to communicate to them not only what they want to hear, but also what they need to hear. I know I can use the right skills and psychological tools to help them unshackle and fight the odds. Any odds. I would like to be the catalyst which will help in their transition, their transformation.

How will this work?

Based upon mutual convenience, I will conduct a session with your teams in a closed door workshop, which will help them shed their inhibitions and talk to me as they would to a friend. Depending upon the time made available to me, I will put together a module that will address most of their unasked questions, even without their having to ask. And at the end of the session, I shall also take up questions that may have remained unanswered. I can take up some issues like:

  • Identification of limiting beliefs
  • Effective Communication
  • Time management
  • Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Confidence Building
  • Habits
  • Handling Conflicts
  • Any mental blocks

What this workshop will NOT be is selling skills workshop. Your team understands your product better than I do and I would not presume to know more and insult their intelligence. This workshop will NOT be more of what they hear from their managers anyway. I will not tell them what they need to do. I will attempt to identify the limiting beliefs and provide them with the tricks to help eliminate them. I will endeavour to reach the lowest common denominator so that no employee who is attending my workshop feel left out and unattended to. My dream is, as my motto goes, to unshackle lives, and I shall be very glad if I am able to do that for your employees as well.

Note to the manager

My dear friend! Sometimes I know that despite your best efforts, your team does not shape up. They miss their targets, they don’t achieve their KPI’s, try as hard as you might. And the blame for this falls squarely on your shoulders. You are caught between your bosses and your team, both of whom seem to be sucking you into this vortex of doom, from where emerging seems so difficult. Yes, I know. I have been there. Too many times. It seems unfair that the burden of the team’s non performance should fall on you and your appraisal should get affected. And why should you also get penalised for targets that seem unrealistic to you? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Causes so much unnecessary stress. Been there too.

But here’s the thing, my friend. None of this is new, or going to go away. The difference between a good manager and a great manager is the way in which the stress of work is managed. If you free your mind of these stresses, by disallowing them to affect you, you will have a better frame of mind to do things right. You will not only have the time to do more but whatever you do will also be better than usual. Don’t know how? That is what I am here for. Talk to me.

Are you burning out?

Managing a team is no joke. But it also provides a high of its own. The team meets, the camaraderie, the backslapping, the jokes. It is perhaps equally a clique to unwind with, as it is a place to get work done. But despite the highs, the lows can be pretty damning. And you may be at your wits’ end, trying to make sense of your confusion of not letting work mix with pleasure. Or you could be a task master with a latent desire to still be liked by your team. And when that does not happen, it is bound to pull you down. Just know that it is ok to be dejected sometimes, not ok to be unable to lift yourself up.

So please talk to me if you think the stress is getting to be too much to bear, and you would want to speak to me on a one-on-one basis. I will help you assess your burnout, and we can plan out a coping regimen for you as well. Keep hope and hang in there. Don’t feel alone, you’ve got this. And I am here for you.

The economics

The economics are simple. I offer a dynamic fee structure that depends upon the service provided, and the number of participants. Talk to me, to know more.


I provide

Individual counselling or group workshops, depending upon your needs

Differentiated workshops for both employees and their managers

A sliding scale of fees to suit all needs

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