Ctrl Alt Repeat

What if your wife’s OCD threatens to wreck your life?

Sonal leads a near-idyllic life with her husband and son. Things change when she is
diagnosed with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder sending their lives into a chaotic tailspin.

Sonal becomes a slave to her disorder. Her husband vacillates between understanding and anger, kindness and cruelty. Caught in the crossfire is their 5 year-old son, who has to suffer silently for no fault of his. A quest for recovery takes them from one doctor to another across two cities in search of their nirvana.

Will their back and forth result in Sonal’s recovery? Or, will Sonal’s obsessions lead to the destruction of the family fabric? Ctrl Alt Repeat is the real story of my family’s struggle to reclaim life hacked by OCD.

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