It's ok to feel shackled, not ok to stay chained permanently.

Exposure and Response Prevention Coaching

ERP is the gold standard for treatment of OCD; more effective than other forms of psychotherapy. ERP focuses on a systematic Exposure to anxiety inducing stimuli (AIS), and Prevention of ritualistic and compulsive response (RCR), which, if done well, leads to habituation. This allows you to realise that your fears are not real and in order to ward them off, engaging in compulsions is not required.

Through a customised ERP plan, I will work with you to unshackle your life and have you live a far more fulfilling life than you think possible.

If you want to know how, talk to me.

Note to the OCD sufferer

My dear reader! I understand how difficult OCD can be and how frustrating giving into compulsions can be. I know that you don’t want to engage in your compulsions, but feel helpless trying to control them. It is like being controlled by a remote control, isn’t it? You are a strong person, intelligent even, and know what you are doing is irrational. But when you come face to face with OCD, all of that changes. And you wonder why you are unable to control your compulsions, even though you know you should be. Believe me, I know.

Or if you have Pure-O OCD, you may feel worse, since you do not even know how to stop thinking your thoughts. Perhaps it is guilt. Perhaps it is a future unknown, causing anxiety. Perhaps a bit of both. These thoughts seem so real, so scary. Sometimes they cause panic attacks so severe that you think you may die. Like I said, I know. I feel you.

BUT – it is possible to manage these thoughts. Yes, it is! It is possible to control the controlling hand of OCD and KO it in your duel with it. Sounds impossible? You don’t think it is going to work with you? You’d be surprised at how powerful you can be when you know how. You should also know that there is no magic pill, or magic potion to beat this demon. You are going to do all the work and you are going to learn to master your thoughts. I am going to show you how. How to fight back. Teach you the new sport. One that you just have to master, if you want freedom.

The more the practice, the better you get at it. And you may feel like giving up many times. But if you persist, you will win. Think of it as being trapped in a cage which you have to break to escape. How hard are you willing to try?

How severe is your OCD?

OCD, hovers between the negligible and the refractory (treatment resistant). Knowing at what level your OCD is, is important so that it can be addressed effectively. Fortunately, the test for OCD is a can be self-administered free of cost. There are many such tests available. One of them is called the Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory – Revised (OCI-R).

 Here’s the link:

You need to work to reduce thiss number. If you would like to get help in creating a customized plan for you, please talk to me.

Note to the caregiver

My dear friend! It is commendable that you want to help in the treatment of your loved one. You belong to a rare breed of people who do not abandon those who may need them the most. Most people do not understand OCD and are dismissive of their loved ones’ challenges. They do not know that it is not possible for the sufferer to do what they expect. They are often unable to see the effort made by them and tend to disregard small progresses, which are very huge for them.

What makes me hopeful is that you are not that person who will treat the sufferer shabbily. You want to know more about the condition so that you can help them get out of the hole they find themselves in.

But I know that this is not easy. Dealing with an OCD sufferer is frustrating, and often a thankless endeavour. There are days when you want to give up. There are days when you wonder if it is worth the pain and suffering you are going through. I have been there myself, so I understand.

But because I saw my wife change from someone who spent close to 12 hours a day cleaning the house, to someone who is living a fully functional life now, I know the same is possible for your loved one as well. You can emerge from the depths of despair the same way I have. You can watch your loved one metamorphose from a chrysalis into a much better version of themselves. If you want, I will be with you through your journey and celebrate your victory over your nemesis with you. Do talk to me.

Are you burning out?

Caregiving is a difficult and often thankless job. But it is your loved one that you are doing this for and you not only feel obliged to, but you also want to. After all, who would want to see their loved one suffer? However, it does not mean that the stress will not take its toll on you. And since you are supposed to be the stronger one in the relationship, whom do you go and talk to?

Me! You talk to me. Please reach out if you think the stress is getting to be too much to bear, and you have no one to turn to for counsel. Talk to me if you think YOU are reaching a breaking point too. Let us assess your burnout together, which I will do through a set of tests and we can then plan out a coping regimen for you as well. Don’t feel alone, you’ve got this. And I am here for you.

The sliding scale of fees

It is my intention to make ERP Coaching available to every sufferer, regardless of their financial status. After all, even those who cannot afford it deserve freedom, and if I can play a part in that, I shall consider myself fortunate. My fees therefore, operate on a sliding scale. Which means you pay me as per your capacity. Please talk to me, to know more.

I want to promise you that I will try to never let money stand in the way of your freedom. But please do note that the sliding scale will be offered only if you CANNOT pay and not if you DON’T WANT TO pay the full fees. Fair, right?  

I can provide

Customised ERP coaching for OCD.

Cognitive Behavioural Coaching to caregivers to help them cope.

A sliding scale of fees to make it affordable for you.

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