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For my OCD, I am very happy after contacting Sunil Sir because he is not only a good therapist but also a good human being. I realised that I am never comfortable with anyone to share my problem, but Sunil Sir made me comfortable and I found it easy to talk to him. He helped me to get my life back on track after hearing my problem, with solutions that are simple to understand and easy to follow. He is an incredible therapist which I appreciate. When I was feeling totally hopeless at that time Sir provide me his great support and guidance to win my fight against OCD. I personally recommend Sunil Sir to anyone who wants to get out of any psychological issue…I am very thankful to Sunil sir. He is a super positive person to help anyone.
VS, Chittor

I was completely ignorant about the mental illness called OCD till one of the psychiatrists diagnosed my daughter with it. Then one day she consulted Mr. Sunil online regarding her problem and she found him with enormous patience to listen to all her foolish thoughts which always kept wandering her mind everyday to that extent that she found herself confused and depressed with such thoughts. He proved to be a very good therapist in the sense that he always consoled her and put a stop to her wavered mind by giving logical reasoning for such irrational thoughts . With continuous communication, my daughter is now 80% cured with OCD within a short span of time. May God bless him for being a good counsellor cum friend with a nice human touch.

SM, Delhi

Sunil is an excellent therapist who makes an impact with logical explanation and effective examples, thus motivating the patient to take action which leads to recovery.

His ERP therapy has given me confidence that I can beat my 12 year old OCD and we have made good progress with some of my obsessions. He has a nuanced understanding of OCD and has worked with different forms of this disorder.

GV, Mumbai

Sunil is an excellent therapist that I would recommend to anyone needing help with cognitive challenges. His ability to break down and analyze the psychological challenge is what differentiates him from others. Sunil is able to get to the root of the problem and address that, which results in better success in challenging problems like depression, anxiety and OCD. (SA, Chicago)

SA, Chicago

At the initial stage, I was completely ignorant about the term ‘OCD’. When irrational thoughts came to my mind, I thought I had become half mad. Then, I ruminated over internet a lot and found a psychiatrist’s no. and after listening to my anxious thoughts, he concluded that I had OCD. I was completely unaware about OCD. Then, one fine day, while searching over OCD on Google, I read an article on Quora by Sunil sir and I mailed him. He firstly made me aware about ERP and started taking my sessions from the following day. In the initial stage, I found it very irritating and frustrating to control my compulsions but Sunil sir is like an angel. He didn’t lose patience and kept on motivating me to control my complusions. I love his quote: It is okay to fail but it is not okay to give up. This quote kept motivating me to get myself cured. I faced a lot of struggles like I fainted, I wommitted, etc. while controlling my compulsions but Sunil sir was and is still there by my side. He is available for my cure even at midnight. Step by step, by Sunil’s sir grace, I have learnt how to self control my complusions. To a great extent, my OCD has been cured. Thanks to Sunil Sir. He has given me a new life to live. Seriously, thanks will be a small word for him.

LM, Delhi

I consulted Sunil from Unshackle for an issue that had been giving me a lot of mental stress for years and I had been avoiding to get rid of it since long. I always used to plan of approaching a mental health counselor to seek advice but kept postponing. Finally I consulted Unshackle after going through the reviews and I eventually got rid of my problem through Sunil’s consultation. He is an amazing listener, probes the right questions to provide the right approach to tackle a problem. He is extremely cordial and ofcourse non judgmental and professional at the same time. I encourage anyone dealing with a bad mental health to not hesitate in approaching a mental health counselor just as one would approach a physician to cure a physical health problem. Let’s overcome this hesitation of ‘what will others say’. It’s your mental health, you need to take the step, cut out the noise of these ‘others’. Unshackle has certainly helped in bringing in peace in my life and I am glad I didn’t care about these ‘others’ ! Highly recommended!

MS, Mumbai

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