Thank you for making it this far. In this chapter, I am just going to leave you with a few thoughts. If you have followed this course book through, you may be able to get a grip of your Harm OCD to a large extent. However, Harm OCD, or any other presentation of OCD is so nuanced that sometimes the same concept may need to be explained in various different ways, from various different angles, and with various analogies and metaphors before it is well understood and implemented. I know various books have been written about dealing with OCD at home, but I am always amazed at the peripheral text book approach. Beyond just the amazement, I am also worried about the incorrect interpretation and implementation.

Through the course of my practice, I have devised certain methods that work well. Through this course book, I have tried to offer those methods to you. However, this course book does not replace therapy and if this course book does not seem to help do not follow it blindly. If you do not understand the language or if the concepts are confusing, do not assume that whatever you understand may be enough and continue practicing blindly. Read and re-read and between your family and you, try to understand the concepts well before trying to implement them. In case you still do not understand, reach out to me at [email protected] and I shall endeavor to resolve your doubts.

There is another aspect that I have wanted to cover but have hesitated to mention because it offends people with OCD. I know it is not palatable when people who do not understand OCD, use it as an adjective. I have seen people say ‘I am so OCD, I need to keep my desk clean’ or something similar. To them I say, ‘I am so brain tumor, I get headaches.

But I have something different to say to you. I know it can be offending, but try not to take offence. You may try to correct people’s misunderstanding, but try not to make it an object of your indignation to make them agree, because your indignation goes against the concept of acceptance. To the ones who do not understand, it does not matter. When you get annoyed, they may either listen to you or they may not. Especially entitled people who revel in troubling others may consider this as a weapon to be used against you every time you are triggered. So, let it go. Your annoyance is not teaching them a lesson. It is only upsetting you and impeding your recovery process.

Similarly, when there is a reference to a game or quiz in OCD, even with legitimate questions, you may get offended because to you OCD is not a game. Once again, I agree. OCD is not a game. But when you see any such game, quiz, comic, coffee shop, or anything that replaces one word in OCD and uses the acronym, make a practice to let it slide. I have come across promotions such as Obsessive Christmas Disorder and Obsessive Coffee Disorder and it is no doubt annoying. But it is not your baton to carry if it is going to stand in the way of your recovery.

You have enough problems in your own life and you do not need the additional burden of having to become an activist to educate the world about how debilitating your disorder is. At least not right now. Your energy could be better spent in working towards your recovery first and then picking up the charge of educating others.

Do realize that I am not proposing dropping the education part, because it is critical if awareness of OCD has to be increased. But I am merely suggesting a reversal in priority for now. Work on your recovery first. Let nothing come in the way. Not even the need to increase awareness. Trying to increase awareness when you recover will come from a position of strength. Trying to increase awareness when you are struggling will seem like petulance and will also take you further away from your recovery.

Now you are armed. Go forth and conquer!

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