Look at the statements below and categorize them as reassurance (R), deassurance (D) or coping (C). Write R, D or C in the spaces provided.

Sr No.StatementsAnswer
1I am sure I have to fight this battle alone
2I am not making a mistake by sitting with my son while there is a hammer lying nearby
3People have begun to hate me
4I am a good person
5I don’t care if I get images of drowning my little sister
6I am not a good person and that is fine
7I will handle it if I end up in jail because of my violent urges
8My father is safe even if I step on the cracks of tiles
9If I don’t do my compulsions of closing the drawer three times and my mother dies, I will handle it.
10I am evil because I get mental images of my friend getting into an accident and I am not dismissing the images.
11My control over my actions is weak and I am likely to hurt others
12My dog will not come to harm if I do not pray.
13I am not putting my wife at risk by switching off the lights only once
14I am not similar to the villain in the movie
15I don’t care if my urges lead me to engaging in school violence
16My feelings that my friends will die in an earthquake are irrelevant
17It is fine if I don’t always feel that I am a non-violent person
18My family will understand my harm urges
19My thoughts will not come true
20I don’t care if arguing with the professor leads me to hurt him physically
21I am evil like the Joker because I laughed at his jokes in the movie.
22I am definitely evil if I get thoughts of my best friend dying and it still does not make me anxious
23My nature cannot be characterized as harmless
24My urges do not make me a good person.
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