For each of the following statements, write ‘Yes’ if it is a good statement for a script and ‘No’ if it has an escape hatch.

Sr NoStatementResponse
1I throw stones at strangers but I miss.
2I keep seeing images of causing accidents so I drive carefully.
3I am poisoning my cat.
4I am speaking to my friends about my harm urges and they are supportive.
5My grandfather is a mean person and I want to push him down the stairs.
6People look at me with contempt and horror when they hear of my harm OCD struggles.
7I stand in the balcony with an urge to push my girlfriend down but I resist the urge somehow.
8I step on a crack in the tiles even though I feel that my mother will die.
9I am being abandoned by my wife for having these harm urges.
10I am working with a screwdriver and end up stabbing my brother with it.
11I am writing my friend’s name on sand even though I know he may die because of that.
12I can’t enjoy myself because I know that someone will suffer as a result.
13The restaurant manager has poisoned my girlfriend’s food and I am not saying anything.
14I punish myself otherwise someone somewhere will get raped.
15I park my car on an incline without checking the handbrakes and the car rolls downhill.
16I have the belief that I am like Hitler even though I am a good person.
17I do a Google search and try to find out if others are as horrible as I am.
18I take the gun in my closet to school to shoot people at random.
19I am arrested by the police for a crime but they realize I haven’t committed it so they let me go.
20I am giving my dog a bath and accidentally drown him.

Answers to this worksheet are provided at the end of this book

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