Please answer the following questions to determine if you may have Harm OCD
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 Questions by Dr. John Levy, NYC 
1Do you spend hours and hours attempting to figure out if you present a risk to your spouse, family, friends, and/or strangers? 
2Are you bombarded with intrusive thoughts or images of stabbing, suffocating, shooting, punching and/or murder? 
3Do you worry that these thoughts may mean you are a “bad person”? 
4Do you often have intrusive thoughts of accidental harm such as poisoning others while cooking or hitting a pedestrian with your car? 
5Do you avoid being alone with others, as you fear you may act on your harm thoughts? 
6Do you attempt to avoid getting angry? For example, thinking things like “If I get angry then I may ‘snap’ and impulsively commit a violent act 
7Do you avoid large crowds due to your harm fears? 
8Do you avoid objects that can cause harm such as knives, scissors, or guns? 
9Have you taken precautionary measures to protect others? For example, thinking things like “I should hide all the knives in my house. It would be safer if I stand further away from others. 
10Does watching violent movies or hearing violent news stories create immense anxiety for you? For example, thinking things like “Am I like this character? Am I enjoying this violence because I am a dangerous sociopath?” 
11Do you abstain from drugs and/or alcohol to minimize your risk of impulsively causing harm? 
12Have you researched serial killers in an attempt to seek reassurance that you are dissimilar to them? 
13Do you compulsively check to see if you have committed a crime that you may not remember? For example, reading the crime section of the newspaper, calling the police to see if a crime was reported in the area, or driving in circles to see if you hit someone? 
 Additional questions added by the author 
14Do you worry that you indeed want these thoughts to come true, that you may want to carry these actions out in reality? 
15Do you worry that you are hiding your true nature from yourself and others and that it will emerge someday in a violent manner? 
16Do you pray compulsively or turn to God compulsively by using spiritual / religious means to not lose control and harm others? 

If you answer most of these questions in the affirmative, and if you feel distressed with these questions, there is a chance that you may have Harm OCD.

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