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The method to clench specific muscle groups in PMR taken from the University of Michigan Health Website

Muscle groupWhat to do
HandsClench them.
Wrists and forearmsExtend them, and bend your hands back at the wrist.
Biceps and upper armsClench your hands into fists, bend your arms at the elbows, and flex your biceps.
ShouldersShrug them (raise toward your ears).
ForeheadWrinkle it into a deep frown.
Around the eyes and bridge of the noseClose your eyes as tightly as you can. (Remove contact lenses before you start the exercise).
Cheeks and jawsSmile as widely as you can.
Around the mouthPress your lips together tightly. (Check your face for tension).
Back of the neckPress the back of your head against the floor or chair.
Front of the neckTouch your chin to your chest. (Try not to create tension in your neck and head).
ChestTake a deep breath, and hold it for 4 to 10 seconds.
BackArch your back up and away from the floor or chair.
StomachSuck it into a tight knot. (Check your chest and stomach for tension).
Hips and buttocksPress your buttocks together tightly.
ThighsClench them hard.
Lower legsPoint your toes toward your face. Then point your toes away, and curl them downward at the same time. (Check the area from your waist down for tension).
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