The author, and anyone else involved in creating this course book make no representations or warranties with respect to the completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaim all warranties, including without limitation warranties of fitness for every situation, despite best efforts to make the work exhaustive. This work does not purport to replace professional help, but can act as an adjunct to professional help. If professional help is required or if the course book does not adequately cover the individual requirements, the services of a professional therapist should be sought. Neither the author nor anyone else involved in the course book shall be liable for damages arising from incorrect use of the strategies and techniques outlined in the course book.

Certain websites or books or other sources of information may be mentioned in this course book.  However, this does not mean that the author or anyone else involved in the creation of this course book endorse in perpetuity the information such sources may provide or the recommendations they may make. Further, such sources may have been altered or pulled down between the time this course book was created and when it is used. The author and anyone else involved in creating the course book do not take any responsibility for making sure that such information is made available.

               While the author will try to update the content in this work regularly, medical disorders like OCD change form frequently and therefore, some information may seem incomplete and may contain some inaccuracies or typographical errors, which may remain uncorrected due to oversight. The author and anyone else involved in creating this course book shall not be liable for damages due to such oversight.

Whom is this course book NOT for?

               This is a course book for people who have OCD, specifically, ROCD. If you have OCD, or you are a caregiver of someone with OCD, you will benefit from this course book. If you specifically have ROCD, or you are the partner and/or caregiver of someone with ROCD, you will benefit more from this course book.

               However, you may not benefit from this course book if you are indeed in a toxic relationship. It is critical to make sure you either get the right diagnosis or understand your symptoms clearly enough to accurately diagnose yourself with ROCD without a shadow of doubt. If you are in a toxic relationship, this course book may not be of help to you.

Further, if you have co-morbidities (other disorders along with OCD) that require medicinal intervention, and you are resisting that, this course book may not be of help you. Many co-morbid disorders are possible with OCD and if any of those stand in the way, you may not benefit. For example, if there is depression along with ROCD, and your depression disallows you to follow the process through, running through the course book cursorily will not benefit you. This course book may also not help you if the severity of your ROCD is high. No course or book can replace professional real-time help in that case. You may need a combination of medicines and therapy if your ROCD is severe.

               Other than that, if you have the right attitude for beating your ROCD and are willing to put in the effort, this course book will definitely help you in your recovery process.

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