Free Psychometric Scales

Psychometric Scales are standardized tools used to measure psychological traits, attitudes, disorders or behaviors. There are various psychometric tests that are self-administered and free to use. On this page, I have tried to provide some of these scales. Click on the download icon to the left of the desired scale and a pdf version will get downloaded to your device. If you want all the scales together, click on the download icon to the left of “All Scales”. More scales will keep getting added here. If there is any scale that you could provide or want added, do write to me. 

Please note that while these scales are used for diagnosing disorders too, it is always important to not base your decisions on the responses from one test. To make an accurate diagnosis, a clinical interview between the mental health professional and the client is a must. At best, these scales can offer some insight into the symptoms, which would need to be validated by a professional. Since responses could be biased, the results of these tests should not be considered sacrosanct.

Disclaimer: Unshackle Counselling will take no responsibility if faulty decisions are made on the basis of the results of these tests. 

Also, all scales are free to use. If you know any reason why any of the scales should be pulled down, please write to me. 

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